Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January equals benchmarks, visits, and goodbyes


On January 13, we reached the benchmark of 1,000 items (almost entirely books) on line with Internet Archive.  Family Search also uses the materials that we process as a resource.  Our next benchmark will be 500,000 scanned pages.  That benchmark will be reached in February.  Our team looks forward to continued progress and reaching our next goal.  A special thanks to our coworker, Lynda.  She is a part-time employee of Internet Archive.
As senior missionaries, we enjoy the opportunity that we have to receive visitors.  January was a busy month for us.  Our youngest son and his family visited from Virginia for a long weekend.  We enjoyed time together as we visited Payne's Prairie and the Butterfly Rain Forrest.

 Sister "Grandma" Wolff also got some one on one time with her youngest granddaughter.

Spencer Wood, our direct supervisor from Family Search, came from Salt Lake City to spend two days with us in Gainesville.  It was a great visit and he left with a good understanding of our worksite as well as some great ideas for the future.

 Elder Wolff's mother spent a few days with us.  She also visited Elder Wolff's brother and his wife who live just outside our mission's boundaries.  Elder Wolff's mother made the trip from her home in Ohio.  She also enjoyed the Butterfly Rain Forrest.


Our young missionary colleagues come and go as transfers occur and missions end.  This week, three of the six "young" missionaries serving in our ward left.  One Sister headed back home while two of our Elders were transferred.  Elder Geist and Elder Hopkin have been in our ward for eight months.  We've had some great missionary experiences together.  Monday evening was our "last supper" together.

Our home in Morgan this week while we enjoyed temperatures in the 70's and low 80's in Gainesville!

 On February 1, we completed the first 12 months of our eighteen month mission. We're excited to move the work along during the next six months.