Sunday, May 17, 2015

Life is better at the Retreat!

Last month, we were given an opportunity to move into an apartment of our choice.  We love our new home and would like to take this opportunity to share it with you.

We really enjoy our porch.  This is a view from the road leading into the complex.

This is as close to a garden as we'll have during the next two summers. Ron spends as much time as possible on the porch.

From the porch, we have a great view of the natural surroundings in our neighborhood. A deer came out of the trees last week and the birds are always singing.

Our living room is comfortable.  Notice, no big screen television for missionaries!

Our apartment is a model of the "open concept" in housing.  The kitchen and dining room are simply an extension of the living room.

The hallway to the exterior door also serves as Ron's work area.

One of the reasons for switching apartments was to move into a unit with two bedrooms and two baths.  This is the second bedroom and Sue's work area.

This is the master bedroom.  It is even bigger than our bedroom in Morgan!

The second bathroom reserved for Ron and/or our guests.

We love our new apartment and the community in which it is located.  Mission life in Florida is pretty darn good!

Gainesville travel - a challenge

One of the more interesting challenges in Gainesville is trying to make any sense out of the numbering system used for the roads. Here are a few examples from our neighborhood.

This happens to be the same street!

This sign is found at an a "T" intersection.

If by chance you decide to come visit us, don't put our street address into your GPS.  You will end up in a neighborhood of houses a couple of miles from our apartment!  You must use the name of our apartment complex.