Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gainesville travel - a challenge

One of the more interesting challenges in Gainesville is trying to make any sense out of the numbering system used for the roads. Here are a few examples from our neighborhood.

This happens to be the same street!

This sign is found at an a "T" intersection.

If by chance you decide to come visit us, don't put our street address into your GPS.  You will end up in a neighborhood of houses a couple of miles from our apartment!  You must use the name of our apartment complex.


  1. Okay the "T" street one has me stumped. How can NW 53 ST run two opposite directions?!?! Crazy!

  2. Exactly! Either whoever 'names' streets here can't count well, or there is some inside secret on how this all works that we have not figured out! Even with 2 gps working for us (Garmin and Waze) it's still impossible to figure out so many addresses.