Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Included Hard Work and Fun

On February 2nd, we celebrated the completion of a full year in the mission field.  On February 26th, we celebrated the first anniversary of the Family Search/Internet Archive/University of Florida partnership.  During the first year, we have uploaded 1,370 items (books and pamphlets) on the Internet Archive website (including 1,189 books of value to Family Search) and digitized 534,501 images (pages).  It has been a successful year for our team.

One of the joys we have is the opportunity to work with the missionaries who are assigned to our ward.  We love to have them in our home for dinner followed by a gospel discussion.  During February, we spent an evening with the sister missionaries in our ward.  The evening included following up on referrals from church headquarters.

We continue to have both friends and family visit us during our time in Florida.  Elder Wolff's brother and sister-in-law came up one weekend to take in a UF gymnastics meet, La Chua Trail, and the Butterfly Rain Forest.  Bruce and Ginny Beamer also met us for dinner one evening on their way to Alabama.

Living in Gainesville provides us with access to the various activities sponsored by the University of Florida.  We've taken advantage of this opportunity by attending both musical and athletic events.  During February, we attended a gymnastic meet as well as a men's basketball game.

#2 & Defending National Champs UF vs. #6 LSU
University of Florida vs. University of Kentucky
For those of you who do not like snakes, we have a new hero for you!