Sunday, June 21, 2015

Temple Trips - Always a Highlight

Our missionaries look forward to opportunities they have to attend the temple.  It is truly one of their highlights. "Young" missionaries go to the temple twice during their experience in the Florida Jacksonville mission. Senior missionaries provide transportation and thus are given several opportunities.  Last week, we were fortunate enough to make our third trip to the Orlando temple. There is something special about being in a packed endowment room where everyone is a full-time missionary. Several of these missionaries will be going home in the next few weeks.

We were fed spiritually by completing an endowment session followed by instruction from a member of the temple presidency, our mission president and his wife.  After being fed spiritually, it was time to take care of our physical needs!  Close to the temple is an area where several eating establishments are located.  This group opted for Mexican food.

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  1. That is a big group and there are a lot of sweaters for a hot hot Florida day! We just lost (finished mission) one of our sister missionaries that has been here as long as we have!