Sunday, June 19, 2016

Short time - finish strong

We love being with other missionaries.  During the past couple of weeks, we've had the opportunity to return to the Orlando Temple with a large group of missionaries from throughout our mission.  For several, the temple trip came less than a week before they finished their mission and left for home.

The temple is always special but there is something extra about being in an endowment session that is packed with full-time missionaries.  We also enjoy being together in the temple.

During the last couple of weeks we had an opportunity to feed the Elders serving in our ward.  They bring a special spirit with them.  On this occasion, one set of Elders knocked on the wrong door and spent some time introducing one of our neighbors to the Gospel.

Our experiences working with the sisters in our ward always proves to be "interesting".  A couple of weeks ago we accompanied them on an assignment to track down a referral.  We found the individual who proved to be not interested.  When we returned to where we had parked our van, it was missing!  As we were trying to figure out what to do, it came around the corner on a tow truck!  We rescued the van - paid the fee- and were shown where the "Do Not Park" signs were located, which weren't in a normal position in
the parking strip beside the street, but behind a cement wall and in a parking lot, which lead us to believe
they were for that lot. oh well, live and learn and never park on a street in Gainesville, Florida. Always use
a pay lot.

Cedar Key

We have a short list of things that we wanted to see/do before we headed for home.  One of those was to spend some time in Cedar Key, a small fishing village on the Gulf Coast.  We had visited there once before but wanted to make a return trip to enjoy the community again.  

Cedar Key is known for three things: fishing, food and sunsets.  Although we didn't do any fishing, we did enjoy the "products of the sea" as we visited a couple of the community's restaurants. 

One of Elder Wolff's all time favorites!

One of several businesses located right on the Gulf of Mexico. Steamers is a restaurant. 

Elder Wolff wanted to rent a kayak to venture out into the Gulf but decided against it when the water was choppy and there were no signs of life preservers.  We settled for renting two bicycles and spent much of the afternoon and evening exploring the community.

Then there was the sunset!  The major reason for coming to the Gulf coast!

Where ever we've traveled, the beauty of God's creation has surrounded us.  We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful world.

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  1. The car story is hilarious. Probably wasn't at the time but it is now. That food looks amazing and I can just imagine both of you riding off into the sunset on your beach cruiser bikes.