Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Time to Move On

Our mission has been a great experience.  We've made many new friends among fellow missionaries, within the ward that we attended, at the University of Florida, and at our apartment complex.  We've been able to enjoy the many beautiful and interesting attractions in this part of the state. We've also been privileged to see fourteen convert baptisms in the wards that we've attended and work with some of the best young adults that our country has to offer.

Although the final numbers aren't in yet, we've been involved in uploading over 5,500 items (books) onto the internet.  Those items have included more than 850,000 images (pictures).  The items that have been uploaded are being viewed constantly by people from all over.  Before being digitized, the items had been setting on shelves in a book storage area gathering dust.

Our apartment now looks like this in each room as we prepare to leave.

We've celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary.

We've turned the project over to Barb, Terry and Lynda.

The staff had a party to say goodbye to us and hello to the Daltons.

We've said goodbye to some very good friends.

We are ready to begin the westward trip and look forward to our next adventure!

We want each of you to know that we have a testimony of Jesus Christ.  He is our savior.  His atonement gives us the opportunity to overcome both physical and spiritual death.  His grace allows us to return to his presence as long as we fulfill our responsibilities.  We also have a testimony of Joseph Smith.  We know that he saw and did the things that he said he saw and did.  We know that that our church is led by a prophet today who is directed by Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost.  We also have a testimony of the Book of Mormon as the word of God and a second testimony of Jesus Christ.  Our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ know us as individuals.  They love us and care deeply for us.  We're happy to be members of the restored church and to have had this opportunity to serve.

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