Sunday, October 4, 2015

September Highlights

September was a great month for us.

By the month's end, our total production for Family Search had reached 201,489 pages and a total of 439 books posted on Internet Archive's website.  If you are interested in seeing what we have been up to, the following steps will lead you to the collection:

  • Google search for Internet Archive
  • In Internet Archive's search bar put UF Family Search
  • When the next menu comes up, hit on UF Family Search - you can access all 439 books we've worked on
Our inventory of books grows every day. In the near future, the same books will also appear on line for Family Search.

Gainesville, Florida is the home of the University of Florida and "Gator" Football.  

The University of Florida's football stadium is called the "Swamp" and it is a crazy place especially when the Gators come from behind in the fourth quarter to beat Tennessee.  Attendance at this game was 92,500!

We enjoyed the opportunity to watch the game with our mission president, his wife and another senior missionary couple.  Go Gators!

Missionary work is alive and well in the ward that we attend.  We have witnessed six convert baptisms since our move to the ward in late April.  The fellowship is strong and the ward works well with the missionaries that are assigned here.  This combination helps to increase the opportunities for investigators to be touched by the spirit.

We love working with the young missionaries.  They bring a special spirit with them that lifts everyone they're around.  It is exciting to watch them teach and share their testimonies of the Gospel and our Savior.  They are changing lives, one person at a time!  This is even true when they are acting crazy!

As senior missionaries, we do have the opportunity to spend some time seeing the sights within our mission's boundaries.  During September, we visited St. Augustine.

There is nothing like a stop at St. Augustine's Alligator Farm or a sunrise on the beach to help you recharge for another week scanning books for Family Search and Internet Archive!

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  1. I love that picture of the alligators and what a beautiful ocean sunset picture! It makes me feel calm just by looking at it.