Monday, November 2, 2015

Friends and Family

One of the rewards of serving a mission is the chance to develop new friendships.  We've been blessed by the opportunity to meet many great people in our ward, at our work, and in our association with fellow missionaries (both young and seasoned).  Although we'll probably never see most of them again when we return home, they have touched our lives and we hope we've had an influence on them.

In celebration of their successful mission, we recently spent an evening with a couple who will be returning to Utah in the near future.

One of advantages that senior missionaries have over our younger counterparts is that there are no restrictions on our contacts with home and family.  Technology allows us to communicate with family members wherever they might be on a regular basis.  There are also opportunities for visits.

Elder Wolff's brother lives less than an hour from Gainesville and we've been able to spend some time with him and his wife.  A great friend from Utah who was instrumental in our conversion while serving as a young missionary happened to be in Florida on a business trip with his wife and spent one Saturday afternoon with us.  Our oldest son and most of his family just spent a weekend with us.  What a special visit!

Preparing to go "gator" hunting

This one decided to check us out - up close and personnel!

Gators aren't the only thing that we found.

The Sabbath Day is always special but it is even more
so when you can share it with family.

The day also included a birthday celebration.

Don't be afraid to leave your family in order to serve a mission.  They are only a few strokes on a computer or a couple of numbers on your cell phone away.  In fact, they could be knocking on your door before you return home!

November 2, 2015  - We've reached the half way mark already!

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